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November 2023

Friday 17 November – Saturday 18 November

Whistler Adult Tennis Camp
Friday 17 November – Saturday 18 November
Whistler Adult Tennis Camp


Hosting a fun (yet we of course work hard) adult doubles tennis camp at the Whistler Racket Club run by head pro Val Toba and Uros Budimac!

7 hours of on court time, and a team dinner on Friday night included.

Find out more or to register please email [email protected]

What People Say…


Uros is able to precisely pin down one’s weaknesses and comes up with effective drills to help them quickly improve. His coaching style is engaging, encouraging, and always enlightening in that he can explain complicated concepts in simple terms and demonstrates with great clarity.

His tips and strategies really made a difference. Uros helped me in every way, and now I have a challenging and fulfilling tennis game, and on top of that I have fun!


Thank you all, especially Uros for a spectacular weekend. We all laughed and learned and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and the women on the other team as well. It was a great venue. Predator Ridge is very beautiful. The tennis instruction through drills and interactive coaching was especially helpful.

Sandy Lavigne, Okanagan Trip 2018
The greatest thing about Uros as a coach is that he knows when to encourage you but also when to challenge you… it’s like he knows what you are capable of, even when you don’t!