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We will make you feel better about your tennis game, give you belief and confidence through successful, step by step progressions and guidance every step of the way!

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From half day to full weekend events, locally or internationally, we have you covered. Let us customize your next event and make it a memorable experience for you and your guests! 

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Luis LiuLuis Liu
23:48 02 Aug 23
One of the best coaches in BC
Michelle KMichelle K
21:12 14 Jul 23
Raghavendra SagisettyRaghavendra Sagisetty
05:44 21 May 23
Uros is a great coach, I am lucky to find him. He tweaked my son's backhand a little bit and I see great results within a week.
Shaun FordShaun Ford
23:22 11 May 23
Uros is amazing! He helped me get back swinging a racket after almost 10 years, and his tips and coaching is truly top notch.
Johana ZaraJohana Zara
21:03 03 Apr 23
Really enjoyed our first class with Uros! Definitely coming back. :)
Julie CJulie C
21:46 02 Apr 23
Wow. I took my second lesson with Uros Budimac, to work on my drop shot and second serve. He showed how to do a drop shot but also the strategy behind when to use it and positioning to defend against it. He gave invaluable advice to improve my second serve. Every time I work with Uros I come away with new tips and techniques to improve my game and give me confidence. He has given me lots to work on but I will be back. Thank you, Uros!A couple months back, I took a one-hour lesson with Uros and he improved my forehand, backhand and serve techniques as well as gave me great tips for volleying without overwhelming me with details. It was so much fun and he gave me lots to work on. I’ve been playing for some 40 years and only ever taken one lesson. Now I have a better sense of what I’m doing wrong. It was amazing how much he taught me in that one hour. Uros is kind and patient and clearly cares about improving my game. With his coaching, I’m confident I’ll be able to push past 3.5. Highly recommended.
Nitin GNitin G
07:32 02 Apr 23
After a hiatus of 15 years, I recently returned to playing tennis and had the opportunity to train with Uros. I feel fortunate to have access to a world-class coach who can help me get back into the game. Uros has a wealth of fantastic insights that are easy to apply and can make a significant difference in improving your game almost immediately.
18:22 11 Mar 23
I am delighted to share my review for Uros, a tennis instructor who has made a tremendous impact on my game in just two lessons. From the moment I met Uros, it was evident that he is a true professional who is passionate about the sport and dedicated to helping his students improve.What impressed me most about Uros was his ability to quickly identify areas of weakness in my game and provide clear and concise instructions on how to improve them. His coaching style is both challenging and encouraging, and he has an exceptional ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and understandable way.With Uros's guidance, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall game, including my footwork, technique, and strategy. I feel more confident and capable on the court, and I am excited to continue working with him to take my skills to the next level.In addition to his exceptional coaching skills, Uros is a warm and friendly person who is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students achieve their goals. He creates a positive and supportive learning environment that makes every lesson a pleasure.Overall, I cannot recommend Uros highly enough. If you are looking for a talented and dedicated tennis instructor who will help you improve your game, then look no further. Uros is the best!
Gabe RoyGabe Roy
14:20 07 Mar 23
Uros is a very passionate and naturally-gifted teacher! No matter your skill level, if you're looking to improve your tennis game, I highly recommend him.
Seanna SchmulandSeanna Schmuland
02:16 23 Feb 23
I've been enrolled in beginner/ advanced beginner sessions with Uros for several months now. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious! He's a very patient, positive and welcoming instructor.
Jovana KJovana K
03:05 21 Feb 23
Uros is the best coach out there. Not only does he have insightful expertise to share with tennis players of all levels, his evident passion for tennis and life is also very inspiring. I would recommend him to any player looking to find more confidence and joy in their game!
Uros has come to give us numerous clinics now, for different skill levels and drills, and participants are always beyond satisfied! He's extremely skilled, very friendly, provides clear instructions and helpful feedback. We are thrilled that he found our club and we are incredibly fortunate to have him back on a regular basis!
Jim MartinJim Martin
03:49 07 Nov 22
Thank you, Uros, for an excellent week of tennis training in Burnaby, BC in October 2022! My wife (Marissa), daughter (Teresa) and I travelled all the way from the Northwest Territories to take advantage of this excellent training opportunity. We very much appreciated all your coordination and planning efforts. The training was exceptional and professionally delivered. You created a comfortable learning environment that encouraged us to try out new skills.Also, your broad network of tennis colleagues and students created an opportunity for us to participate in matches to put our new tennis skills into action!We are looking forward to our next training session and will be sure to highly recommend your tennis training to others!
Emily LeungEmily Leung
19:03 08 Sep 22
Enjoyed my first lesson with Uros. Appreciated his energy and methods of explaining. Will book again and recommend to others who want to learn tennis!
Howie Fitzgerald ShinHowie Fitzgerald Shin
01:03 28 Jul 22
Uros is an amazing coach/trainer. Very attentive & observant to the areas of your game that needs improvement. Great drills & feedback that make the lessons fun but also constructive. Whether you're a beginner or a high level tennis player, I highly recommend Uros.
Debbie BraceDebbie Brace
19:17 22 Jul 22
I am brand new to tennis (literally never held a racket before meeting Uros), and so so happy and grateful to have Uros as a coach! I have done two private lessons with him so far and already feel way more comfortable on the court. He is really nice, patient, and fun! His explanations and pointers are really easy to understand and incorporate. He even goes out of his way to provide resources and opportunities to keep training on my own! I will definitely be booking more lessons with him and highly recommend to anyone.
Jen KJen K
01:02 15 Jul 22
Lessons with Uros have been great so far! He's very observant. I wanted to work on specific skills for each lesson and it's been really helpful to have him pinpoint mistakes that I don't notice on my own. Always very positive and patient with my questions too. The online booking system and fast email responses are an added bonus :)
Alastair WalkerAlastair Walker
18:51 01 Jun 22
Had a fantastic lesson! Really improved my two handed backhand and service. Highly recommended!
Jacqueline MotaJacqueline Mota
18:23 01 Jun 22
Uros helped me work on on specific skills I wanted to improve, and he was always positive, patient, and very communicative during the lesson. He is for sure is a very competent coach, with great skills and knowledge in tennis! I will definitely book another session in the future!
Mae MK Y.Mae MK Y.
00:16 15 Feb 22
Uros is a great coach, he encourages you and challenges you at the right time! Most of all, he makes tennis easy to understand which is very helpful! Simply he is the best!!

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Thanks to @ptrtennisofficial for having me speak and share my coaching experience with so many great people at this years International Racquets Conference. 

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Coaching young athletes let’s us coaches experience magic every day… they learn so quickly, no need to complicate things but it is important to allow them to move their body fully through the swings. 🎾😃❤️

Full video of me coaching Josie is on my YouTube channel. Enjoy ✌️

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Dynamic movement from defence to offence 😃🎾❤️
Happy to have been there for the day session 😃🙏🎾🔥
#lavercup2023 #lavercup #budimactennis
Many players over rotate on their serve causing the ball the fly long or down… the only way to successfully execute a serve with consistency and no pain is to drive the power upwards - towards the ball. 
Here working with my awesome student Thomas on his serve, legs, hips, chest, throw 😃🎾👌🏆
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What People Say…


Thank you all, especially Uros for a spectacular weekend. We all laughed and learned and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and the women on the other team as well. It was a great venue. Predator Ridge is very beautiful. The tennis instruction through drills and interactive coaching was especially helpful.

Sandy Lavigne, Okanagan Trip 2018
The greatest thing about Uros as a coach is that he knows when to encourage you but also when to challenge you… it’s like he knows what you are capable of, even when you don’t!
Uros is able to precisely pin down one’s weaknesses and comes up with effective drills to help them quickly improve. His coaching style is engaging, encouraging, and always enlightening in that he can explain complicated concepts in simple terms and demonstrates with great clarity.

His tips and strategies really made a difference. Uros helped me in every way, and now I have a challenging and fulfilling tennis game, and on top of that I have fun!