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A Budimac Tennis we offer a host of tennis related services and activities. Including tennis lessons & custom events.

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We will make you feel better about your tennis game, give you belief and confidence through successful, step by step progressions and guidance every step of the way!
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Join us at one of our upcoming events! You and your friends are welcome to take part in one of our themed, fully planned out day or weekend events and have some fun on and off the court! 
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Custom Events

From half day to full weekend events, locally or internationally, we have you covered. Let us customize your next event and make it a memorable experience for you and your guests! 
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Browse through our online store and find only the finest items we believe in and use ourselves. Cannot find one of your favorites? Email us and we may be able to source it for you. 
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Why do we feel so good after playing tennis⁉️

We live in a world full of distractions.

🎾All day long from waking up to going to sleep we practice dealing with much more than we can handle. Multitasking and consistently jumping from task to task… we are bombarded with stimulation from outside sources all day long – potentially creating a mess in our heads.

🎾When you play tennis - for that one hour you must be fully focused, engaged, and in the present moment. Every ball comes to you differently and requires quick decision making and movement skills (and let’s not forget biomechanics of hitting the ball).

🏆There is no time for distractions if you want to be successful on the court. The first 15 minutes of your game, try finding your rhythm and leave the world behind you… and if successful, you will find that “flow” state where you forget about everything else and just play… stress free, fully focused on the ball.

🙏That is the biggest gift tennis gives us.

Thanks @jimkwik for the reminders and inspiration.


It takes an average of about 23 minutes to get your head fully back into your game if you get distracted.😲
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Being the SERVER’S PARTNER is one of the most active and exciting starting positions of a doubles point 🎾🤪🚨
Are you maximizing your effectiveness at the net by moving and looking for the next opportunity to smack that volley?!


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The magnum look never looked so good.
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What People Say…


The greatest thing about Uros as a coach is that he knows when to encourage you but also when to challenge you… it’s like he knows what you are capable of, even when you don’t!

His tips and strategies really made a difference. Uros helped me in every way, and now I have a challenging and fulfilling tennis game, and on top of that I have fun!

Uros is able to precisely pin down one’s weaknesses and comes up with effective drills to help them quickly improve. His coaching style is engaging, encouraging, and always enlightening in that he can explain complicated concepts in simple terms and demonstrates with great clarity.

Thank you all, especially Uros for a spectacular weekend. We all laughed and learned and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and the women on the other team as well. It was a great venue. Predator Ridge is very beautiful. The tennis instruction through drills and interactive coaching was especially helpful.

Sandy Lavigne, Okanagan Trip 2018